Monday, February 28, 2011

Life List

Muiche recently sent me a link to this blog, which has been incredibly inspiring. I too would like to create a Life List, made up of one hundred things I want to do throughout my life. So here goes...

Things to do/make:

  1. Marry Pete
  2. Get certified to teach
  3. Learn Russian
  4. Knit myself a pair of stripey socks
  5. Knit Pete a sweater. I've been holding off on this because of the sweater curse, but now that we're married, I think it's safe...
  6. Knit a Russian shawl that is fine enough to pass through my wedding ring
  7. Figure out colorwork knitting
  8. Sheer a sheep
  9. Learn to spin on a spinning wheel, and become proficient at drop-spindle-ing
  10. Make an aran sweater
  11. Make a crazy quilt
  12. Keep a yarn-yielding animal--maybe an alpaca!
  13. Write a knitting pattern
  14. Have some babies
  15. Make my own Christmas ornaments
  16. Learn how to milk a cow
  17. Compost
  18. Bake bread without a bread machine
  19. Have a garden
  20. Make a pear-with-gruyere pie a la Pushing Daisies
  21. Keep chickens
  22. Set a lobster free
  23. Visit every continent
  24. Swim in each ocean
  25. Go to Turkey
  26. Go to Russia, but with Pete this time
  27. Go to Mount Sinai
  28. Live in Alaska
  29. Live on a houseboat
  30. Go to Jerusalem
  31. Learn how to drive for realz
  32. Go on a road trip across the country
  33. Live in the country
  34. Study iconography
  35. Learn how to make vestments
  36. Memorize my prayers
  37. Read the entire Bible
  38. Organize another Orthodox Women's Conference
  39. Memorize more poetry
  40. Read the complete works of Jane Austen
  41. Read the complete works of Nabokov
  42. Read the complete works of Whitman
  43. Read the complete works of Dostoevsky
  44. Read the complete works of Michael Ondaatje
  45. Read the complete works of e.e. cummings
  46. Record something for
  47. Learn how to play harmonica versions of Amelie songs
  48. Or learn to play the accordion
  49. And the ukelele!
  50. Finish this Life List later...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

our first weekend

The honeymoon is drawing to a close, but not before Saturday morning pancakes and bacon. (And eggs--Pete's contribution. I think the famous Jersey diners have made an impression on my California boy.)
A new family tradition.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dear Misses [Principal]

Sorry for Disrupting you BiG BiG Meeting

I know its realey anoying But the First Grade class is alweys Like that

We alweys Give Miss K A Headak

All Weys Half to Put our Heads Down alot

Oh And Happy Valintines