Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Yarn Along: More of the Same

I tore through Far from the Madding Crowd and then couldn't bear to wait a few more weeks to borrow the movie from our library, so we rented it on iTunes.  While there was some flattening of the story, I've been mulling the changes over and they were absolutely necessary to tell the tale in 2 hours in that medium.  In some cases, the cuts even added a sense of suspense to the story which otherwise would have been lost.  Of course I would have preferred a thorough miniseries--who wouldn't? But this was the perfect tonic when I regretted finishing the book so quickly.  I highly recommend both, especially for the descriptions of sheep farming and frequent biblical allusions.  Oh, and the love story.
I've also finished this first sock and gotten started on the cuff of its neighbor. Peter has commandeered these after all. They are the tiniest bit too loose on me and a little snug on him, though he denies it. 
After way too much agonizing, I've decided I'd happily knit this addictive yarn forever, so I'm planning to order more of it to make myself a pair.  I'll do contrasting ribbing out of some light blue tweedy leftovers so we can tell the finished socks apart more easily. If I'm really feeling crazy I might even be able to eek out a pair or two of tube socks from all of the leftovers.  We will be the crazy family with matching socks and it will be so great!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Yarn Along:

We're reading Ross Poldark every night together and I'm thoroughly enjoying Far from the Madding Crowd on my own.  In Poldark, Elizabeth sat spinning in one particularly tense scene and broke her thread.  Peter joked that it was enough to make me Team Elizabeth.  Not quite, but I did sympathize.
First up--Lucy's sweater.  My buttons arrived and turned out a smidgen too big for the buttonholes.  Since they were such a perfect match otherwise, I decided to make it work.  I just sewed them on top of the overlapped button bands, effectively turning the cardigan into a pullover.  Her pickled beets cardigan usually remains buttoned and gets yanked on this way, so I knew it would all work out.  Eventually I might get some backing buttons and do it properly but for now the sweater is getting a surprising amount of wear for the middle of August.
I'm past the lace at the bottom of the baptismal gown, and have about four more inches to go on the skirt, which is easy autopilot knitting.  It would be a breeze if not for this completely consuming, addictive sock I started out of the Arne & Carlos Regia in Fall Night colorway.  I work on it wherever white yarn would not fair so well, which, when you have kids, is pretty much everywhere.  But I'm trying to be disciplined and devote some time every day to what is bound to be a gorgeous heirloom in the end.
Meanwhile, I just saw on Instagram that a second line of this sock yarn, with 6 new color ways is in the works and should reach the US in limited supply by the end of the month.  Sounds like the perfect carrot.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Yarn Along:

I finished Gone Girl the other day and just began Far From the Madding Crowd.  And after a mere 19 days, Lucy's sweater is just about complete.  All that remains is to sew on the buttons, these 1930s glass ones, which I am anxiously awaiting.
Photo courtesy of this shop
I've been contemplating what to do with the leftovers.  I might stretch them with these skeins of madelinetosh vintage in parchment and mare, which I bought at the same time as the yarn for the cardigan.  I'm thinking either a striped pullover, or perhaps a cozy hooded jacket with a zipper, if I am brave enough.
Meanwhile, I am plodding along on this newborn Clara dress, in a very fine wool/silk blend.  I finally tracked down a copy of the pattern at this shop, which I hope to visit in person one day.  This helpful chart provides additional sizes.  There's also an inspiring photo of the dress in white which is currently gracing my desktop and spurring me on.  I'm cutting it close, as my friend's baby is due in 5 weeks.  Wish me luck!