Friday, November 18, 2011


I've been spinning up the 4 oz. of lovely deep blue merino roving I bought at A Verb for Keeping Warm on our trip to California.  The colorway is called "Baltic."
I knit it right off the drop spindle, which I'm pretty sure is a no-no.
It was supposed to be a cowl, which I figured was the perfect way to use up every single bit of yarn.
But then I plopped it on my head and now I think it might be a hat.
Help me decide!  And then I can spin up that bump of pink and make the opposite.


Muiche said...

It is gorgeous!!!! You entirely misled me as to the squadgliness of it all. It is quite lovely in its inconsistencies. I think it looks darling as a hat! And the color looks lovely on you.

:P That doesn't help your indecision though, does it??

Either way, I am very impressed. And jealous. And request that you teach me how to spin, and then how to cable without a needle.

Marfa said...

I remember my husband and I bought a bag full of alpaca fur & a drop-spindle about 10 years ago...I tried to spin, but it was not easy and I gave up. I admire your perseverance...and the cowl is beautiful. The blue hat is nice, but I think a pink hat would be prettier on you.

willfulmina said...

I went with the cowl, which is wonderfully cozy. I'll do the same thing with the pink and see how I feel at that pivotal moment--to decrease or not to decrease!