Monday, January 23, 2012

I had a whirlwind weekend full of travel, good friends, beautiful church services, and thoroughly delicious food.  It began with an unexpected trip to Boston by way of Albany.  I spent Friday night with Suzie.  We watched a particularly satisfying episode of Downton Abbey, had a midnight feast of incredibly expensive cheeses from a local cheese shop, then went to bed far too late.  Suzie's mother woke us up early with the news that the Kursk Root Icon would arrive momentarily.  We leapt out of bed and tidied up frantically.  After the blessing, we made our way to Trident Booksellers and Cafe for brunch.  
(I cannot believe I forgot to snap a shot of my amazing challah french toast stuffed with lemon ricotta and drizzled with blueberry sauce...)
We feared we were too full to move, but somehow we managed to do some window shopping through the snow.  Obviously, that led to a visit to a nearby yarn shop, Newbury Yarns, where I found the perfect yarn to add to Sugar Plum's shawl.  (All of the time spent in the car had paid off and the lace trim was nearly finished, and with it, the Knitpicks sock yarn.)  This new stuff is an almost identical color match, independently dyed in the Boston Area, and exclusively available at Newbury Yarns.  Of course I lost the tag, but if it ever turns up, I'll let you know specifics. 
We eventually meandered home, then set out for Vigil at Holy Epiphany--complete with a Metropolitan and the aforesaid wonderworking icon.  After a hurried goodbye, I was off again to Albany, where I spent the night at my friend Greg's family's home.  There was a beautiful Liturgy at the church where Pete and I met, followed by an AMAZING coffee hour complete with venison stew and homemade blueberry pie.  I was invited to visit the farm where Greg and his mother work, and of course I jumped at the chance.

 These goats produce cashmere and angora, respectively!
They sent me away laden with apples, which filled my crisper to the brim.  I wonder how many pies I can get out of them...

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Marfa said...

I bet you're watching Downton Abbey right now...
I actually went to our yarn shop (cool name, huh?) to get more yarn for a project and they don't have it (it's been discontinued), but the lady there happily showed me how to go on Ravelry and look into other's "stash" where I can get a few hanks of the EXACT same yarn in the color I want!
Beautiful farm that the goat with shaggy fur in its eyes? And apples!!!