Saturday, April 7, 2012

getting ready...

In preparation for making kulich and cheese pascha, my friend Joanna and I went on an expedition to Mountain View Dairy to find really beautiful milk.
 We're planning to make our own farmer's cheese this year!
Can you see the inches of cream at the top?


Marfa said...

How did it go? Did you use a crock pot? I get a milk share of unpasteurized unhomogenized raw milk and so I made my own cheese the past few years, and ended up making lemon cheese, because I like the lemony flavor in my cheese pascha! ♥

Too bad the monastery doesn't have cows anymore. When my dad first came there (before he was Orthodox), he worked there everyday...and has fond memories of the beautiful long-eyelashed gentle giants that give us such wonderful milk!

Me said...

{smile} I read your sister's blog, congratulations on the wee babe and how nice, when I hopped over to your site to see you must be near-ish, as we visit the same dairy.
Does the monestary really not have cows anymore? It seems like they did just last summer, or maybe it was the summer before, when we were there.