Wednesday, October 17, 2012

yarn along: road trip

This little red milo has been all over the place with me this week. The merino/silk blend came along on the trip with a bunch of other yarn because of my indecisiveness while packing.

 First New Jersey, then Maryland, followed quickly by DC, then everything in reverse. I didn't get to listen to much of Little Women, but talking to my own family on the long car rides was even better. I think listening to audiobooks and podcasts is my poor substitute for those conversations when I'm on my own.


Eileen said...

Your trip sounds like a great time to knit, love road trips for knitting. I too always bring more projects than needed.....but always what to be prepared...options:)

Martha said...

Having conversations with people you love is always much better than an audio book! ♥ What are you making?

elizabeth said...

good talks with those who know you well are such blessings!