Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yarn Along: New Goals

I have been knitting up a storm this week, inspired by our lack of car and the weather. We had one day that was -14!  I just cracked open Baby-Led Weaning, and am on the lookout for a good audiobook.
So I churned out a cowl for Pete, who has been walking back and forth to work. Lucy got a heavy bonnet, which acts more like a hood. And I've been swatching for a scarf for myself without much luck.
I also powered through the yoke of Lucy's eyelet sweater throughout the day yesterday. She slept through knitting club again, the little doll. I kept knitting giddily and giggling quietly to myself the whole time, like I was getting away with something.
I am in the baby sweater zone right now, but I feel strongly that I should be making something for myself too. I made the Seam Allowance pledge (wearing at least 25% handmade every day) for both myself and Lucy. She is well on her way, but so many of my great handmades are either impractical for my new lifestyle (Alabama Chanin dresses without easy accessibility to the boobs) or ill-fitting (owl sweater, vest, other vest). I do have a few great long Alabama skirts that are indispensable, but I want to start knitting toward that goal too. So I think it's time to begin the planning for a sweater for me. Suggestions welcome!


steph said...

right at the moment i have on february lady's sweater---and it just seems to be one (although I've been knitting forever and have quite an array to pick from) i always gravitate to----easy, quick, and i think goes with the 'alabama' look!

karen said...

February lady sweater! Tea leaves! I wear both of these a lot. Good luck finding something you like. All the knitting looks lovely :)

Lori ann said...

so cute! love all your pink knitting and precious little one.

DeliaKnits said...

Cute hood. Glad you got to get away with some knitting time!