Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Yarn Along: lots of irons in the fire

I've been enjoying all sorts of knitting books lately, but I want to devote a whole post to them soon.  I just started reading The Shell Seekers, which my sister recommended when I lamented that I had nothing to read (in my house full of books...)
 Another vanilla sock.  I bought this yarn at Rhinebeck the first year I went, and it used to look like this:
I overdyed it with Kool Aid, and now I like it more.  I didn't expect it to be such a joy to knit, so sprongy that it simply zips along my needles.  Now I understand why it's so popular.
 I've also been reveling in this TARDIS sock, which proves once and for all that colorwork knitting goes faster than normal knitting.
And now, the slowest of all knitting, lace with beads...I knit 17 stitches at a time, usually.  Still very much on the first row, still fumbling the teensy crochet hook.  It's a shawl named for Emily Dickinson, because it looks like a spiderweb scattered with dew.
The Dews drew quivering and chill -   
 For only Gossamer, my Gown -  
My Tippet - only Tulle -
I must admit to feeling more like Whitman's Noiseless, Patient Spider, though.


elizabeth said...

it's nice to have more than one project on the go! good job! :) Love the re-dye btw...

Mother4 said...

I have that same yarn I believe? Fleece Artist? Tell me how you overdyed it. That sounds intriguing!

Erin said...

Absolutely love the TARDIS sock!

Hannah@HomeBaked said...

Oh my goodness - my son would ADORE TARDIS socks!

Nothing to read in a houseful of books made me chuckle - sounds just like me!

Martha said...

You have so many projects going!!!

momto5 said...

OMG!!! TARDIS socks!! i think i love you!

Erica Saint said...

I LOVE the Tardis socks! :)