Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Yarn Along: Swapping Swatches

It occurred to me that I never shared what happened while I was knitting one of the sleeves of this sweater with you.

I was happily knitting away, when suddenly one of my children required my attention.  Let's be honest--I probably had to pry Lucy off the chandelier or something. Sebastian still stays where I put him, bless him.  

So I cast aside my knitting, and it landed on the couch.  (You know where this is going...) After completing the rescue mission, I collapsed back into the cushions, only to have one of my double pointed needles, a size 9 (!!!) blunt-tipped  (bamboo, mind you, bamboo!) Addi bite me.  I screamed, of course, which terrified Lucy, who started sobbing uncontrollably. So I took a moment to comfort her before dashing off to the nearest mirror to inspect the massive puncture wound. It was still impressive when Pete got home.

Now that you know what I've been through, can you blame me for taking a tiny break from the sweater to quickly knit up a long-overdue hat?  The plan was to make Habitat, but instead I churned out a Turn a Square with a longer brim.  It is almost done now, namely because Emily and I traded knitting yesterday.  She churned through the stockinette and I repaired a misplaced buttonhole, sewed on charming antler buttons, wove in the ends, and finished up the second sleeve of her Tama.  I really wish we could live nearer to each other so we could trade misbehaving knitting or children on a whim regularly.


steph said...

what fun to have a 'swap partner'! that's a really good friend!!

Laura said...

I had to wince at your story - you poor thing! I don't blame you at all for putting it aside for a while.

But it sounds like you've been incredibly productive since. Sometimes you just need someone else to keep you company while you plough through things, don't you? Sounds like a lovely time :)

Donna said...

Oh my goodness - I just had a good chuckle when I read your post. I'm sure it wasn't so funny while it was going on! That had to hurt!!!

momto5 said...

OUCH!! my goodness that sounds painful.