Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Yarn Along:

Lots to share this week, as always.  Demelza promises to be as addictive as I expected.  I've been finding it hard to fit reading in lately, but it helps that I'm excited to see where this story goes.  I'm seriously tempted to grab the audiobook.  Otherwise, I've been gobbling up episode after episode of The Longest Shortest Time, which has been enlightening, infuriating, touching, and heartrending in turn.
 I broke out the old spinning wheel this week, which has been neglected for too long.
This fiber is spinning up nice and fine.  For a new spinner like me, the secret seems to be to prep the daylights out of any fiber, peeling it into very narrow strips, then rolling them up into little nests.  A friend once told me to make the strips the thickness you want the finished yarn, which helped me immensely.
I added a couple of rows to my Pippi Longstocking leg warmers.  So very questionable fashion-wise, yet super fun to see unfold.  I hope I can knock them out and figure out how to style them.  It may include a maxi skirt....
These intoxicating socks are slow going, if only because I have to keep pausing to admire them.
This scrappy tube sock got some action this week, as I waited in the car for this and that.  I'm considering casting on the second one to keep in the stroller for those stolen moments.
Lucy's handspun Rhinebeck sweater is nearly done.  The hood is well on its way, then all that will remain is the edging.  It's in a bit of an ugly duckling stage right now, but I'll persevere.

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elizabeth said...

well done! I have a knitting bag (got at a little bit sheepish!) now for the car! no more lamenting I forgot my knitting bag!!! Mr. Husband only suggested it for about a year... ;) ..or more! you are making such beautiful things! fun about the leg warmers, they are cute!