Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Episode 16: The Most Selfish Knitter of Them All

Dear Yarn Along-ers,

Below is an episode of my podcast, where I talk about what I'm reading and knitting.  I hope you enjoy it!  If it's not your thing, you can get the gist of what I'm working on from the lists of links below.  Thank you so much for visiting!


Find me!

Finished Objects
Pete's Farmhouse Flats
Brianna's hat

Lucy's Hat

Cashmere Mitts
Mama's Socks

Works in Progress
Peanut Vest

Granny's Favorite Bolero

In the Queue
Bluebird of Happiness in Indigo pioneer

Heating pads
Mending pajamas
Lucy's nightgown

Dragonfly in Amber

On Being


MamaBirdEmma said...

I just can't take the fact that I had that sock yarn all along!

Alina said...

Love the color combo on the hat! The mustard-yellow is so perfect!

Juliana said...

so cool that you found the rest of the yarn for those socks!!

RE: ungrateful toddlers. I hear ya, sister. That's one of the chief reasons I don't knit or sew much for my kids. (although: I did purpose my green gauntlets for K to wear as leg warmers, and now none of my gauntlets are safe from my kids...E wore another pair to school today and M was begging me to make him some. I think I have a yellow pair to match his hat around here somewhere!!)

Elizabeth said...

Really enjoyed watching this today. My big boy sometimes says he doesn't like things I have made for him, but usually it's just a stress response to being given something. He will later choose them of his own volition. Enjoy your selfish knitting, I look forward to sein it next week!

Amanda said...

Would you mind posting links to the podcasts you mentioned? I have just had this wild "ah-hah" moment that podcasts fill a big void for me as I am transitioning from full time professional to housewife.

Also, how did the sweater turn out for Lucy? Did she like it? How long did the sleeves make it? Did I miss this on instagram?

And lastly, my roommate and I made a bunch of those rice bags in college, and I still use mine faithfully... 15 years later. I'm sure your bags' recipients will appreciate them!

willfulmina said...

Hi Amanda! I added links to the podcasts I mentioned. Sorry for that oversight. I am still struggling to snap a picture of Lucy's sweater. I'll show it on the next episode. The sleeves are short cap sleeves. I plan to undo the bind off and add some length to it eventually.