Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just in case you wondered...

I found this photo in a slideshow of a real wedding on Martha Stewart's wedding site. In the caption, the designer is listed as Stuart Weitzman.I searched through the whole website and couldn't find them. Zappos has a listing for him, but the elusive shoe was not among them.

He makes them in white (~$200-250). The bride in question must have dyed hers.
But if it's red you're after,

Kate Spade makes a similar red pair for (sit down, quick!) $325.

...or you can just buy the Payless version for $19.99!


Cassc said...

how funny that they all look so similar. I can never quite get over how much of a markup there is based on the name (sure quality is some of it and depending on the occasion the extra investment can be worth it, but so often material and handiwork have little to do with it!)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, $325 is a tad steep. :) Thanks for finding the info on those Weitzman shoes. I'm not getting married, but those shoes are too gorgeous to pass up. They'd look amazing with a little black dress.


Mat. Emily said...

Do you think that you will get the heels for the ceremony and pictures and then wear the flats when your feet start to hurt? I think $20 is worth it!!