Thursday, July 28, 2011

A visit from my friend
(with her uncanny knack for finding four leaf clovers)
 was just what I needed.
Our rambling walks brought us through all the quiet, secret places of the monastery.
 We went exploring, and even climbed, against all odds, to the cross that marks the highest point of the monastery grounds.
Just as the thunder began rolling in.


bopyoke said...

Lovely photos! What monestary do you live near?

Fr David Straut said...

I am a little suspicious of the "four" leaf clover! LOL

Ann said...

I've seen that cross!
My grandfather is buried at Jordanville.
I haven't been to the monestary since, um, 1997.

willfulmina said...

We live near Holy Trinity Monastery, which is a Russian Orthodox monastery.
Papa, it WAS a four leaf clover--I promise! And that was only one of three she found, too!