Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yarn Along!

Join in at small things!
My first sock is finished!  I've been wearing it with pride.  Now to cast on #2.
The colorway, Queen Anne, reminded me of Anne Shirley's nickname, so I dug out my old paperback and found this gem in Chapter 5:

"Oh, look, there's one little early wild rose out!  Isn't it lovely?  Don't you think it must be glad to be a rose?  Wouldn't it be nice if roses could talk?  I'm sure they could tell us such lovely things.  And isn't pink the most bewitching color in the world?  I love it, but I can't wear it.  Redheaded people can't wear pink, not even in imagination.  Did you ever know of anybody whose hair was red when she was young, but got to be another color when she grew up?"
 "No, I don't know as I ever did, " said Marilla mercilessly, "and I shouldn't think it likely to happen in your case, either."
 Anne sighed.
 "Well, that is another hope gone.  My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes.  That's a sentence I read in a book once, and I say it over to comfort myself whenever I'm disappointed in anything."
"I don't see where the comforting comes in myself," said Marilla.
"Why, because it sounds so nice and romantic, just as if I were a heroine in a book, you know."
Anne, I think you would have looked stunning in these pink socks!


little macaroon. said...

Thanks for your knitting rhyme - it's the first I've heard of! We'll give it a go tomorrow, I bet she'll love it.

I do like to imagine proud knitters padding round their houses in one sock because they haven't started the next yet ;) If I manage to learn socks I think it's exactly the kind of thing I'd do.

pinkundine said...

Love the sock, it looks fantastic. After I finished my first one, it had to be dragged off my foot - I wanted to wear it all the time ;)

Jen said...

I couldn't agree with you more!

Knitters Notebook said...

Your sock turned out beautiful..great job. I also love the colors!!!


Swanski said...

I just love Anne and I always love an Anne quote!! (I am on book number 5 in the series)

Tracey said...

Congratulations on your sock! I love the little quote, it's perfect.

Gretchen R said...

Is everyone reading Anne these days? It's enough to make me pull out my old copy. It's been literally decades since I've read her.

P.S. I LOVE your header picture. I wish I could pet it in real life.

Lori ann said...

congratulations! beautiful sock and lovely color.

Mistea said...

Beautiful sock. Lovely colour.