Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lost & Found

I've been babysitting a friend's little boy for a few hours every day this week.  
We've spent all our time exploring the garden, getting dirty, and pretending together.  
One of our favorite games has been making soup out of anything we find on our walks.  The four kittens that live in their yard entertained us to no end.  This one can't resist our sand and twig broth.
I've found a moment here or there to knit a few stitches on a simple little hat.  When I first brought it out, the little one asked excitedly, "For me?"  How could I say no?
Today when we took a moment to eat a snack, I looked down and saw that the stone in my engagement ring had fallen out and been lost.  
We searched everywhere, but I knew it was going to be impossible to find in the endless grass.  The little boy didn't want to give up.  He kept insisting, "We'll find it!" and gave me a stick to use to poke through the grass.  But when I looked at the time and realized his mother would be home soon, I decided to stop the search and begin tidying up.  
I bent down to pick up the books the kittens had knocked over onto the deck, and suddenly saw a glint of blue between two boards!
If it had fallen even an inch to the left, it would have been lost forever.  I'm so relieved it all worked out.


Mat. Emily said...

Yikes on the engagement ring! I am sorry that it fell out, but so glad that you found it!

Charis's Mum said...

Wow!!! That's wonderful that you found it.