Thursday, August 30, 2012


I finally finished the raw silk sling from Growing Up Sew Liberated, by Meg McElwee.  When I attended a really fancy wedding earlier this summer, I felt a bit drab in my simple dark blue jersey nursing dress and Moby Wrap.  I decided I really wanted a more dressy sling for special occasions.  With a dear friend's upcoming wedding right around the corner, I got to work.
The raw silk is from Hobby Lobby--the only 100% silk they had, and it happened to be 40% off.  A great way to spend my birthday money.  I got two sets of bronze sling rings online as well.  Then Muiche sent me beautiful thread that happened to match the fabric perfectly.  I tweaked the pattern slightly by making the sling an inch or so narrower, so I could simply split the silk in half.  If I get the hang of using it, I may dye the remaining silk and make a second sling.  I'm thinking  a rich brown.  
The whole thing took less than a week to make, as I could only work on it during Lucy's naps.  The secret seems to be daydreaming about the project endlessly, assembling all necessary materials in one place, and going over the directions thoroughly so that when her eyes close, I can leap up and get straight to work.


elizabeth said...

wow! yay! beautiful! so excited! :)

Marfa said...

my sister made a sling like that, that silky fabric, very fancy!

muiche said...

KATE. That is gorgeous! I've never seen a sling so beautiful. Good job! I love you!