Wednesday, September 5, 2012

yarn along: All Wound Up

Shh!  Don't tell Pete that I'm taking a break from The Endless Tube o' Stockinette to knit a sock.  When I only have an inch to go.  He just wouldn't understand.  The sweater is doing that thing where it is the exact. same. length. no matter how many rows I knit.  Ingrate.
This gorgeous sock, on the other hand, is thriving from all the attention I've been paying it.  It's for my mom, who has tiny feet, so that helps.  Also, cashmere, yo.

Oh yeah...I'm still enjoying All Wound Up and Craftlit.  


Peacefully Knitting said...

Such pretty yarn - I really like the color :)

Alisa said...

great projects....I hate that part of the project where it seems you are in the same row forever! It's good to have another knit on the needles to distract!!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered CraftLit not too long ago. I listened to Persuasion and am now onto Dracula.

She's got some really great insights into the books she's chosen.

Marfa said...

I can't stand "All Wound Up," she's so negative about so many things, rant about TVs (although I agree with her, it's just TOO much) as well as people who think they don't have enough time to knit (or crochet)!