Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yarn Along: C'est fini!

I finally got through Bringing Up Bebe, and I wanted so badly to finish Lucy's new sweater before Knitting Group.  I knit feverishly on that final inch of sleeve during The Hobbit (our first real post-Lucy date without her), but got distracted and had to frog a couple of rows of the edging.  Yep, I messed up garter stitch...
So instead of arriving with a baby in a new sweater, I got to bind off while being cheered on.  Lucy wore her big blue snuggly sweater home, and got called a boy by the children's librarian, who was oddly insistent about it.
Librarian: What's his name?
Me: (obliviously snapping pictures of Lucy) Sorry?
Librarian: What's your little boy's name?
Me: Oh...her name is Lucy.
Librarian: He's a girl?
Me:  Yes, she is a girl.
Librarian: Oh.  I really thought she was a boy...
I guess it's my fault for knitting her a blue sweater...
 Next time I'll break out the pink.

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Angela said...

Well done! Very nice and lots of room to grow into it.