Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Yarn Shop a Day: A Little Bit Sheepish

After visiting the Upper Room Studio on Tuesday, Emily and I packed up all the kidlets and headed to A Little Bit Sheepish.  
 The secret to going to so many yarn shops with our four kids was taking turns.  One of us would sit outside with the kids while the other took a quick look around inside the shop, and then we'd switch.  It was so much fun to focus on the yarn while browsing.
 I am seriously contemplating getting this flag for our front door.
After much deliberation, I scooped up a gorgeous skein of Three Irish Girls Springvale sock yarn in the colorway Lucky Penny.  In reality, it is much more orange than this picture shows.  I think it needs to become cabled socks.
I also found these cute wooden needle gauges, just the right size for slipping into my little tool kit.  I grabbed a slightly bigger one with a ruler along the edge to stash with my interchangeable needles as well.

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M. Emily said...

It's fun to relive this with you!