Friday, August 2, 2013

A Yarn Shop a Day: Upper Room Studio

On Tuesday, we were lucky enough to check out two yarn shops.  First, we went to The Upper Room Studio, where I took a one-on-one spinning class.  Monika was so helpful.  She really made me feel that there are no absolute musts in spinning--just like knitting, it all comes down to preferences.  I was finding myself getting a little tense while spinning, and she showed me how to slow down and relax.  I love the long draw that she demonstrated and have been practicing ever since.  Now, since I forgot to snap pictures of the actual shop, I'll show you what I came home with instead:

Monika dyed this wool/silk yarn using natural dyes.
I also bought some fiber there, all in half-pound bags:
oatmeal Blue-Faced Leicester

 cream Blue-Faced Leicester
and cream BFL/silk blended top.

If you're ever in the area, definitely check out Upper Room Studio, especially if you're interested in taking a class.  Not only do they offer fiber-related classes, they also have soap-making, bread baking, yogurt, cheese, and ice cream making, etc.


Anonymous said...

I wanna go!!! :)

M. Emily said...

Look at all that pretty roving!