Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Yarn Along: Stashdiving

When packing for this trip, I went a little crazy.  I just finished a big project, so I had to quickly figure out what to make next.  I wound up bringing yarn and matching buttons for three hypothetical sweaters--one for myself and two for Lucy.  More knitting than I would ever need, but it was so reassuring to have options.
The buttons were the real inspiration.  I purchased them at a craft fair almost exactly a year ago and rediscovered them while Lucy was sorting buttons for me.  It seemed like such a shame to leave them languishing, so I hunted through my stash for complementary yarn.
I've been sitting on another treasure.  A sweater's worth of handpun that Marty, who runs the local spinner's guild, gave to me.  She hand-processed it. spun it, and then knitted it into a cabled sweater for her son, who promptly moved to Arizona.  So after several years went by, he returned it to her.  She frogged the sweater, skeined up the yarn, washed it, and swatched with it, only to discover that knitting with it aggravated her arthritis.  I have been giving a lot of thought to what it ultimately should become.  I finally settled on owls, by Kate Davies.  It will be very similar to the first sweater I ever knit, but I'm planning to steek it into a cardigan this time. My handspun owls is well on its way, with the ribbing for the body completed and an entire sleeve finished already.  With all the traveling we have planned in the coming month, I hope to keep the momentum up.  I've also been listening to Outlander, which is great for those long drives.


elizabeth said...

fun! stash diving is the best! love that basket! :) blessings on your travels! :))))

Kelly Ramstack said...

How cool that you were given enough handspun to knit a whole sweater! I love the Owls pattern and look forward to seeing yours when it's complete.

Angela said...

Wow, what a treat to knit with that much beautiful handspun. And those buttons are going to be a great accent piece.