Thursday, March 3, 2016

Episode 19: Affectionately Felting Fiber

Find me!

FatCatKnits in Apricot

Bernat faux fur pompoms in Angora for the yakapaca hat
Helloyarn test dye 63 10 oz Corriedale
Blue Moon Fiber Arts Metaphysical Angst Polworth 8 oz braids
Handspun labels
Mason Dixon Knitting A Coloring Book for Knitters
Green Mountain Spinnery's Mewesic in Mean Mr. Mustard
Spun Right Round Snappy Socks in Graffiti
thenomeknitter's etsy shop: jingle bell stitch marker and dpn cozies!
A Homespun House pretzel stitch marker
Baa-ble Vest

 Foyle's War

Dragonfly in Amber

Outlander Season 2

1 comment:

Juliana said...

YES! Dragonfly in Amber. It actually took me ages to read the second book, because I was afraid it wouldn't be as good as the first (I find sequels are so hit and miss that way). I think I read Outlander for the first time in the summer of 1998, and didn't get around to DiA until a year or two later. But just wait!! Voyager is pretty great too--it has one of my favorite scenes in the whole series in it. After all these years of being with these characters, I just love the journey we've all been on with them, and the ways that Diana Gabaldon just keeps us all coming back for more. It never gets stale or rehashed--I always feel there is something new to explore.

Foyle's War--Yes. Tobias Menzies has an early career appearance in one of the early episodes! Knitwear very very good. I will say, I kind of stopped watching the show after a certain number of episodes, but I'll probably get back to it eventually. They just did another series (that takes place after the war, I think) with the same characters.

That vest so cute! I'm not attentive enough for colorwork just yet--someday!