Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Bluestocking Podcast: Episode 20: Let There Be Light!

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 Finished Objects
Baa-ble Vest

Works in Progress
Tilly Hat
Grafitti socks
Tardis Socks
junkyarn socks
Hermione's Everyday socks
monkey socks
blueberry waffle socks
Arne and Carlos socks
mind the gap socks

Snitch Marker
the nome knitter dpn cozies
toft alpaca pompom
The Wool Barn

Mere Christianity
Dragonfly in Amber

1 comment:

Juliana said...

The vest turned out so cute! I love the photo of Sebastian wearing it. Bummer that it isn't wearing that well. I'm supposed to make my dad a vest this year, and I was considering the Brooklyn Tweed, but I think I'll go with my first instinct which is, of course, Swish. (It helps that the color he really wants is there too).

As for the hat with the ribbon pull, I actually think it looks very cute on you, with the brim flipped down in the front, but up at the sides. Sort of a faux-cloche. The color is nice on you as well!

As for the lopi sweater, I was going to say, just leave the sleeve since I can't really tell the difference just looking, but since you ripped it out in situ, then I guess I'll say, good fortitude for the next go round!!

Ponchik watched a good chunk of this episode with me, and she particularly tickled by the monkey socks.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts about Dragonfly in Amber!!

(Also: I really love that scarf. I'm sure I've said so before, but it is just so lovely).