Friday, April 1, 2016

The Bluestocking Podcast: Episode 21: Red is the New Yellow

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Lucy's yellow socks
Socks that Rock in Ruby Slippers
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Riddari for Pete
Gnarled Oak Cardigan in the Cobblestone dk base in Clintonville
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Loritimes5 lopi post on instagram about knitting with plotulopi
Ramona Cardigan
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Melanie said...

I tried to read a few other books after Dragonfly and Amber and found myself not reading at all. Needless to say, I started Voyager this week. I think I may need to read the whole series before I move to something else. I also started watching season one.

Juliana said...

Outlander really grabs you by the throat in Voyager, and the next several books are the same way. My least favorite is a Breath of Snow and Ashes because of all the stuff that goes down in that book. But it sets the stage for Echo in the Bone and for everything that is happening currently in the series, so yes, necessary hurdles. I thought your description of what is good about Outlander was extremely apt. I actually really loved Dragonfly in Amber; I did find the first half a little bit hard going the first time, but knowing what was coming in the second half has always kept me rapt since. I'm curious if you've gotten to the part of Voyager that is one of my favorite scenes in the whole series. I won't spoil it if you aren't there yet. :)

Re: the buttonholes on your Ramona. I would recommend using coordinating embroidery floss or even the leftover yarn and doing a buttonhole stitch around each buttonhole (you can google it for the specific stitch). It will nicely reinforce the hole and may help the buttons not to eat the yarn as easily because the stitches go perpendicular to the knitting. Don't just whip stitch the edges--a button hole stitch will look neater and hold up better, and doesn't take any extra time, really. I've used it on hand knits as well as in sewing.