Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Yarn Along: FO SHOW

The only thing I didn't finish this week was The Help.  Lucy and I got to come to New Jersey early, where there are lots of people who like to play with her while I knit.

I conquered Pete's sweater a few days ago.  Just picture it.  After I dutifully knitted three extra inches onto the body and added about an inch to the armholes, I was finally ready to attach the sleeves.  Oddly, they weren't matching up.  I scoured the internet.  Somewhere deep in a forum on Ravelry, the author of the book mentioned offhandedly that the errata on the publisher's website is wrong.  
Oh, do you mean the errata that I checked before I got started, like a good little knitter?  The errata that I corrected inside my copy of the book?  Yes, that errata.
All that ran through my mind was Miss Hannigan from Annie yelling, 
"Kill, KILL, KILL."  
Thankfully it was a quick fix--I just had to frog a little of the saddle shoulders back and reknit them.  
Unfortunately I don't have a husband to put it on right now.  Don't worry.  He didn't divorce me because of the reverse sweater curse.  He is driving down later today.  As I worked on his sweater, I texted him updates.
"I love you!  your sweater has half a sleeve attached so far.  ps I intend to give you regular updates on this front." 
"UNSUBSCRIBE!  UNSUBSCRIBE!  Just kidding.  I'll enjoy the updates." 
"You have unsubscribed from this conversation and all the knitting that results.  If you change your mind, please remember that it is too late and you will likely freeze to death in a store-bough acrylic sweater."
 My other FO is a hat that I whipped up for Lucy.
 I can tell she is going to get a lot of use out of it. a chew toy.


M. Emily said...

You are so funny, Sister! Can't wait to see you!

come on in x said...

well done on that sweater - what a mission. The hat and the little one modelling are both precious x

Tracey said...

I do enjoy my visits here, you my dear are a riot!
Great sweater by the way.

Anke said...

Oh my, I would have been ready to "kill, kill, kill" too. ;-)

Andria said...

Ha, love the texts! Awesome sweater, you are better than I am, I never check the errata until too late!

Amy Caroline said...

Awww! It is funny isn't, how we insist on making hats for our babies, yet they refuse to wear them? Sigh. I have spent many an hour knitting away on the cutest hats only to have them spend more time in baby's mouth than on their head!

And your husband's sweater looks lovely! What a good knitter you are to look and make sure there is no errata and to only be lied to!

karen said...

I would not have been happy about that pattern, but I'm so glad that it wasn't a terrible fix, phew! Love the sweater and the hat is adorable and so is Lucy!!

elizabeth said...

Lucy is indeed The Cuteness!! Love her hat/chew toy :) and YAY for the saving of the sweater!!

Lori ann said...

you are so cute, love this post and that little lucy, oh my. thr sweater is sure going to be a welcome fo. and beautiful too!

(oh do i remember that part of annie! my girls watched the movie seven million times, at least)