Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Yarn Along: Holy/Bright

It's been a beautiful week.  Late on Saturday night, I took my knitting and notions out of this trusty basket and replaced them with this:
We went to the midnight Liturgy, which was so rich and rewarding.  Jordanville truly felt like home, perhaps for the first time.  We have been savoring the feast ever since--and will for weeks to come.
Another long-awaited moment: my preordered copy of the new Alabama Chanin book finally arrived.  It was dinged up pretty badly, so I decided to exchange it, but I couldn't resist looking through it for a day or two before I sent it back.  I am eagerly awaiting my new copy so I can delve into the techniques inside.  I have a few skirt ideas I want to get started on, plus some embellishments of existing pieces.  My sister pointed out that this notebook would be the perfect place to plan out my handmade wardrobe.  It will definitely help me be more cohesive in my fabric and yarn choices.
I finished the left front on Peter's vest yesterday.  The buttons also arrived!  I need to power through the back as quickly as possible, since the deadline is fast approaching.  I may be the only one in this area to be praying for just one more cold day in a week or two so he can wear it before next fall.  The crocuses are finally emerging, just in time for bright week.  Christ is Risen!


Sarah said...

I'm feeling the same crazy hope for more cool weather for the same reason! Hope it works for you. Your book sounds fun and makes me want to work on learning to sew!

MamaBirdEmma said...

Love you, Sister!

elizabeth said...

yay for Pascha baskets! and double YAY for feeling more at home at Jville for Pascha! this is a real turning point and gift to you! and what fun about sewing!!! and love the buttons for P's vest! :))))

momto5 said...

that sewing book looks great!

CathieJ said...

Thanks for the buttons link. I have been looking for a supplier. I am not happy with what is available at my local JoAnn's. I can't find any local supplier.