Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Yarn Along: grey gardens

I'm knitting nothing but grey right now.  The ground is still covered by a few feet of snow.  It's always winter and never Pascha...
And yet there's nothing like a ring of plump sheep to cheer me up, however grey they are.  My second Kate Davies Mashup is nearly complete.  Unfortunately I have a sinking feeling it will be a little small on Lucy, but that's what second children are for.
I'm so excited to be test knitting Pete an adult version of this little vest, which Ashley of Woolful and   Little Woolens designed.  After mulling it over, he settled on this cast iron colorway of Shelter.  Try as I might he was not remotely interested in a vest made out of the gorgeous red Long Johns colorway or Old World, with its multicolored specks.  I did find the perfect horn buttons already, which consoled me somewhat.
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As I wait for the proper grey to arrive, I'm swatching up a skein of Shelter from my stash to get some idea of my gauge.  It's such a satisfying yarn to knit, no matter the color.


Jess said...

Shelter is so delicious. Loving the tiny sheep sweater, too!

elizabeth said...

I love the inverted Narnia quote! hang in there!!! Spring will come and Pascha is on it's way!

oh dear about the sheep sweater, well, at least your dear S. can wear it later!

lots of love to you and wishes for COLOUR :) <3

Anonymous said...

Egads, feet of snow! Spring will always come. :) Hang in there. Thank goodness for knitting, right?

Plain and Joyful Living said...

Oh I am looking forward to considering that pattern - my husband has asked for a vest for Christmas.