Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Yarn Along: waiting in the wings

In addition to savoring Middlemarch, I've spent this past week poring over a book full of Icelandic patterns that I checked out of my parents' library. It has been a tremendous inspiration. I find it strangely difficult to imagine the various patterns in alternate color schemes, but that's where Ravelry and Instagram come in. I am plotting lopapeysas for all and sundry.  
It seems I am always one sweater ahead of myself. I finished up Lucy's pickled beets cardigan, complete with ideal buttons from my visit to Twist.  
While putting those finishing touches on it, I couldn't help but daydream about making another Davies Mashup out of what remains of my Ecological Wool
Yet as soon as I cast that on, I began planning how to best use the Lopi my husband brought me from his fortuitous layover in Iceland. 
With the help of that book, I've got a pretty clear picture of how to use it, supplementing with a skein or two of contrasting color. Lucy would love a cinnamon sweater and I think Pete will look great in this oatmeal unspun wool. I am turning color combinations over in my mind as I churn out another sheepy yoke sweater. Does anyone else daydream about what's next on the needles while knitting away monogamously?


Tracey ~ Clover said...

Beautiful sweaters and what a lovely and thoughtful husband you have, the gifts from his layover are grand!

fjord girl said...

I adore both the wee sweaters- so cute, I bet they are well loved.

elizabeth said...

love those buttons!!! very cute! sounds like some great sweaters for the future :) as always, love your sense of humour! :)

Elizabeth said...

I do plan the next thing...but then I cast it on! Also i plan way more knitting than I can do :(

Amber said...

Beautiful! I am also savoring Middlemarch. I have it on audiobook and it's the perfect thing to listen to while knitting away.