Saturday, June 13, 2015

CNY Fiber Festival

Today my friend Nina, Sebastian, and I went to the CNY Fiber Festival, quite possibly the best way to spend World Wide Knit in Public Day.  There were lots of amazing booths, adorable animals, excellent food, live country music, and incredibly friendly people--including spinners galore. 
 This gradient hat caught my eye almost immediately and led to the first purchase of the day.
This 4 oz of Llady Llama Fiber Co's super wash BFL in Light After A Storm was a nice substitute for the sample fiber, which is what I wanted most--but it was out of stock.  I'm hoping to spin it up as a gradient and chain-ply it.
I made a beeline for the FatCatKnits booth next.  This 4 oz braid of superwash BFL combed top in Moonshadow leaped out at me right away.  I started humming a different Cat's version under my breath.
Then I spotted this braid, superwash merino top in--wait for it--Sugared Beets!  It was meant to be.  Ginny had a little extra divided up into 1/2 oz balls in a big bin, so she helped me look through and get every scrap of it.

I spotted these Apricot bundles as we looked through the bin.  The color is an interesting one.  Both my sister Juliana and Lucy seem to come alive when they wear it and get little bright spots on their cheeks.  I can't wait to make them something out of this.
Though I worked on my Ramona in the car, I wanted something festive and compact to work on throughout the day.  I found this yarn at last year's festival and originally bought it to make Lucy tube socks.  Instead, I decided to give these ankle socks a shot
Unfortunately they seemed a little too big, so I've since had to rip back and make a smaller size, but that just means I get to knit with this yarn just a little bit longer.

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elizabeth said...

how FUN!!! love the beautiful colours and for sure, BEETS!!! :)))