Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Yarn Along: Sleeves²

I finished up both sleeves on my Ramona this week!  Is that some kind of record?  I've been knitting away on the body ever since, and just started the decreases.
I'm also working on the heel of this scintillating sock.  Using tips from this pattern, I've switched up the heel a bit.  Rather than slipping 1, knitting 1, I'm slipping on the purl side.  I decided to give Lucy Neatby's SlipPurl maneuver a try.  It took some digging, but I finally found a description of it here.  Unfortunately it doesn't look like she's made a video.  If I ever pick up some speed, I might give that a shot.  It's one of those tricks that slows you down at first but promises to save a lot of time in the long run as soon as you're proficient.
My reread of Outlander continues.  I'm on Chapter 25 of 41 and picking up a little momentum. We replaced our car radio.  Let's hope the scandalous scenes don't burn this one out!


WritingWillow said...

Hi there, visiting from Ginny's link-up. :) Wow, the yarn on that sock is absolutely scrumptious! I love all those colors. And your cardigan looks like it's coming along beautifully as well. I creeped on your Ravelry page and those buttons are just darling and look great with the color yarn you're using.

elizabeth said...

Yay! look at you go!!! love the colour of that sweater! and FUN socks! and YAY YAY for car radio!!!!

Evelyn Hender said...

Hehe it's funny I always leave the sleeves until last on sweaters but actually your way is a great idea because when you've finished the long slow body the whole sweater is finished rather than you having to then start the sleeves. Clever!

Love the sock yarn you're using :)

Lucy Bowen said...

Your sweater looks great and only the body to do. I love the colour of those socks.