Tuesday, June 30, 2015


It's been an amazing week.  I'm in New Jersey visiting my parents and enjoying time with my siblings, niece, and nephews.  The other day we braved the city, all to take a peek at Purl Soho.

It was just as incredible as I expected.  I knew I would have trouble choosing when confronted with all of the wares.  I even made a list of all sorts of patterns to take a look at—but they don't have a big selection of paper patterns.  Instead I quickly perused the entire store and kept my purchases small.

We stuck out quite a bit on the crowded city streets with our small herd of children.  It made me a bit self-conscious, but when I opened up the issues of Taproot I got there, everything suddenly came into focus.  The life I have cobbled together is full—of delicious babies wearing handmade clothing, of creating—every which way, all day long, of a husband who is proud to wear the things I make him out in public— then texts me when people compliment them.  I really love my life and I am proud of it.  I want to share more of it here.  So to the man who said I had my hands full—yes!  They really are.  And I like them that way.


Juliana said...

It's funny that you should write this today, because I keep meaning to write a little post/ode to you and your efforts. I really admire the life you've created for yourself and how much of it is in making and doing (and not just for the sake of it, but to uplift and support your living--the making is in service of the life). I'm expressing myself badly (which is probably why I've not written anything about this yet!) but just wanted to comment anyway.

elizabeth said...

lovely; I am shockingly behind on blog reading! So glad you are having such a wonderful time!!! So special! Good to do small purchases and be intentional. You indeed have a beautiful life and your family is a real treasure. <3

willfulmina said...

This means so much to me, especially coming from you. Thank you so much!