Friday, July 10, 2015

Date Night

On our very first date, back in 2008
On Wednesday, Peter and I went on a date.  Our friend recently set up a babysitting co-op which has really taken off.  As a result, all of our lives are infinitely better and we're all wondering why we didn't start one years ago.  After quickly racking up tons of points, we felt compelled to take a couple of hours for ourselves just to even things out somewhat.  It amazed me how little time we needed for the whole exursion. I'm hoping to make it a more regular occurrence.

As we waited for our dinner to be served, I worked on the button band of my sweater. The waiter asked me what I was making and after telling him, I went on to joke about bringing my knitting on a date. He asked if it was the first and I proudly held up the sweater and bragged that I had made quite a few. "Oh, I meant your first date."  We laughed and told him we'd been married for four years and had two kids together already--so, yeah, it probably was our first date in over a year.


Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, CUTE! :)

elizabeth said...

oh that's too funny (about the waiter) and WONDERFUL about the date! :) and the finished sweater! it's just LOVELY!