Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Yarn Along:

Finally finally finished Outlander a couple of days ago. I basked in the glow for the rest of the day. I've decided to read something fast and snappy, then begin the next book in the series. The obvious choice for my palette cleanser was Gone Girl.  I wish it could be Poldark, but my husband and I are reading that together and I wouldn't want to barrel ahead without him.
As for my knitting, I am careening through the border now and planning to finish before we finally, FINALLY make it home later tonight. Our car broke down on Saturday and we have been camped out at my sister's house ever since. I'm grateful for the extra time with her but we are a little saddlesore after 17 days away from home.  
I'm looking forward to beginning something tiny and precious for a future godchild of mine who is making an appearance in a mere 6 weeks. Let's hope this fingering-weight silk and wool flies through my fingers.


nocton4 said...

Oh Outlander, how I love thee

nocton4 said...

Published before I'd finished ha
Great cardi, such a wonderful colour
Can't wait to see your next knit

elizabeth said...

lovely sweater, it's really coming along! it is good to be back home after such adventures! much love!

Kim said...

Oh my goodness! I love the color of that sweet little sweater! That is my kind of color. :) I will be back to see what little beautiful thing you make with that silk and wool. Boo about your car though--hope it is up and running soon.

growing up and going to college...please? said...

What sock pattern do you use? I like that yours always look neater.



willfulmina said...

Thank you! I started out with the Knitmore Girls Vanilla Sock pattern, but now I use Susan B. Anderson's recipe. If you google her name and "how I make my socks" it comes right up.