Saturday, July 11, 2015


Last night was magic.  My sweater dried in time for me to bring it to our monthly gathering of makers at the local library.  We arrived and found it unexpectedly locked up, so we all just plunked down on the porch and got out our work.  We had a lively conversation full of ruckus laughter.  When the librarian finally came, we all opted to stay out there.  A little later, a gorgeous breeze blew up, so I even got an excuse to wear my sweater in the middle of July.  When I went home, my babies were completely content, yet happy to see me.  What a great way to end the week!


Juliana said...

Your sweater turned out beautifully!! I really like the fit of it. I'm also loving that mustardy-gold yarn--so pretty! Can't wait to see what it turns into. :)

Magical days are the best.

elizabeth said...

so nice! what a special time! you sure have a great community there! so glad!

gretchenjoanna said...

Great story, and what a lovely sweater.