Thursday, October 15, 2015

Episode 3: Slow Fashion October: Week 3: LOVED

Show Notes
Episode 2
Slow Fashion October
Vera's baptismal gown:
The Yarn Cupboard
Lucy's Handspun Hoodie
Sebastian's Handspun Hoodie
Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl
My sister Emily's blog
Lucy's Yellow Sweater
Sebastian's Tube Socks
The Operation Sock Drawer Tube Socks
Future sock operation candidates: solis socks and mama's socks
Swing Skirt out of my dad's salvaged t-shirts
Black Angie's Fall Dress
Mid-length Red Skirt
Striped hat
Lucy's favorite elf hat
My Ramona


MamaBirdEmma said...

I hope you did a Rhinebeck video!

Lucy said...

My daughter and I are celebrating a "girls' day" watching your podcasts! It is super fun. Your thoughts on investing in good materials and how things wear/work is very interesting. I know with yarn I detest using budget yarns and am always looking for reviews that say "three years in, this wool yarn still looks good"! I'd rather spend more for something that lasts beautifully than be frugal and regret it.

DJL said...

I've really been enjoying your podcasts. They keep my knitting going! I haven't watched them all - I've two to go yet - but wondered if you might talk about how you got started knitting and sewing and perhaps any recommendations you have for those who want to progress in their knitting to the next step. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and inspirations.
(Nieve and Estrellas on Instagram)

willfulmina said...

That's a great idea--thank you! I'll devote some time to talking about that soon.

willfulmina said...

That's so sweet, Lucy! I love the idea of doing that as my daughter gets older. Sometimes she watches knitting podcasts over my shoulder and asks little questions. "What her name, Mama?"
I'm hoping to continue to talk more about how to balance budgeting without compromising on quality. And updating reviews of yarn months or years after finishing a project is a great idea!