Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Bluestocking Podcast: Yarn Along: Sock Snowball

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Gale's Art Socks
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Dave Ramsey's Debt Snowball
TARDIS socks
Stitched by Jessalu

orange socks
red socks

Jordanville Public Library
Stash Swap: October 30th from 5-7 PM
31 lbs of yarn
Candle Making Workshop: November 10th at 9:30 AM $10

Jeremy Poldark


Juliana said...

Have you considered getting a darning egg? (Or do you use one?) That is the old fashioned way to darn. It is a wooden egg shaped piece on a handle (kind of looks like a wooden citrus pither, but smooth). You stick the egg part into the foot of the sock, which then gives you a better working surface for the darn. I have several books from the 1940s that show how to darn. The best method I've seen (and I've tried this) is to basically make a little loom in your hole with yarn or thread, then weave across with the same yarn or thread, sort of like how you mend a torn screen hole (if that makes sense). I don't make my stockings, but I wear heavy duty cotton tights all winter, and almost always have to mend the heels or toes at some point (there's usually no saving the wearing between the thighs, but that is another matter...). I often just use regular old needle and thread for those mends, but the fabric is finer, and has some nylon to help it spring together. I've also mended holes in sweaters this way--I got a sweater from ThredUp a few years ago that had some holes in it, and I mended them with the warp/weft method above, but with regular thread. I should probably go back and try to match the thread a bit better, as it is sort of visible, but it works for now. Hope that helps!!

willfulmina said...

Hi Juliana! Yes, I have a darning egg and was trying to do the woven darn. It devolved for sure. I was using a very bunt, large needle which did not make it easy. And my impatience began to show. I definitely want to work on that. It is worth the effort to save 20+ hours of work/dollars.

Elise said...

Tardis socks! Those are amazing :)

willfulmina said...

Gah, I know, right? Must finished them pronto!