Monday, October 19, 2015

Episode 4: Rhinebeck 2015 Recap with Emily

Show Notes

My friend Emily's Ravelry

Rhinebeck: New York Sheep and Wool Festival

Gale's Art: Wonder Sock in the Graffiti and Asphalt, Fool's Gold, Copper, and an unnamed yellow colorways
Bickerstraat sock pattern

Primrose Pottery/SinsAndNeedles89
photo of the booth
example of the yarn bowls
Rolags: Burning Haye and Clubhouse
Helix Sock Yarn in the Hopscotch colorway

Hello Mello Handspun Booth
dream catchers
micro crochet granny square scarves

Granny Stripe Blanket
My hexagon work in progress
Indian Nyar Shawl
The specific shawl I saw
the crochet book I borrowed from the library

Glitz-bright blue tinsel
Loop: 3 Ring Circus

The Modern Natural Dyer
Kristine of A Verb for Keeping Warm
 a foretaste of the Natural Dye Kits

Buckwheat Bridge Angoras

Sebastian's Handspun Hoodie
Melissa Jean Buttons

Lolo bar in Pink Grapefruit

The Neighborhood Fiber Co.
Ann Weaver
Yipes Stripes Cowl
Lucy's Christmas Stocking
Sebastian's Christmas Stocking

buttonhole swatch
horn buttons


Juliana said...

My aunt (the missionary in Mali) is a fiber artist, and she makes these amazing weavings with found objects (broken pottery, bits of vegetation, etc) and uses raw natural fiber woven through strings on a rough wooden frame (my uncle makes them, I think) to attach the pieces to. Sometimes she uses African jewelry or beaded bracelets, sometimes old pottery, sometimes she uses stuff she finds in the woods outside their Minnesota cabin when they are home on furlough. They are so beautiful and creative. I have a photo or two of one of them I can share with you if you like. She is so creative, I'm always inspired by her work.

willfulmina said...

YES please share photos. That sounds so interesting!

MamaBirdEmma said...

You should do the dye project in a video!