Tuesday, December 6, 2011

An Orange for Frankie

While subbing for an elementary school librarian, I came across this treasure of a book by Patricia Polacco.  Like many of her stories, An Orange for Frankie is a tale from her own family history.  
She begins by painting a picture of a large family that reminds me of my own--big and loving, yet poor.  In spite of that, they find ways to share what they do have with others.  
One of my favorite moments in the story was when Frankie secretly gives his Christmas sweater (which his sister knitted for him) to a shivering hobo.

As Christmas draws closer, the whole family worries for the father, who has gone off in search of Christmas oranges.  Though I want to go on, I think it would be best if I just say that this book is lovely.  I hope you can find it at a nearby library.  


Marfa said...

We got that book at the library last year...such a touching and sad story AND it's TRUE. I need to go get it to read with my girls, again!
You might like "Mortimer's Christmas" by Karma Wilson. It's a really sweet story, too (not true, but I love the message).

Mat. Emily said...

Love that book! Try christmas Tapestry next!