Thursday, December 8, 2011


My kitchen table has been strewn with bright woolen felt, brassy glass beads, and scads of stuffing for days.  I'm obsessed with making these star ornaments from the Purl Bee:
I keep intending to branch out, but they're so addictive.  I think I'll make them until I run out of golden felt.  That should get me about 25 stars.  I'm halfway there.
But somewhere in there, I managed to lay the stars aside long enough to make a prototype of the little bird ornament from Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson.  

Though the instructions call for template plastic, I decided to make do with a scrap of swedish tracing paper and a postcard.
I sewed it by hand from a little muslin.  I love the idea, but I need to work on the execution quite a bit.  The poor thing looks like it's taking a nose dive when I hang it from the ribbon.
Here's a list of other ornament tutorials I'm hoping to try at some point:


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!


Marfa said...

My sister ordered a bunch of real wool felt...I've only used the stuff from the store, so I really want to try the wool. Do you love it?

willfulmina said...

The wool felt is completely different! It doesn't have that sheen to it that acrylic felt does. It's denser, more forgiving, and sewing it is just plain fun!