Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Today is my nameday, so I woke up early and went to Liturgy at the monastery with Pete.  In the past, I've only been able to receive communion when it falls on a Sunday.  Living next door to monks comes in handy sometimes...
Pete gave me this little booklet last night as an early present.  I want to read the whole thing today.  It begins with her life, which by now I'm quite familiar with, but I always seem to find something new to focus on whenever I read it again. 
I also dug out this beautiful children's book I have about her life.  I bought it at the Saint Herman's Conference years ago.  I remember agonizing over whether or not I should spend the money, as I was an impoverished college senior and buying children's books was not exactly a priority.  I just had to have it though.  
It was written by a husband and wife, Dionysios and Egle-Ekaterine Potamitis.  Egle-Ekaterine illustrated it in a beautiful iconographic style that's unlike any other I've seen.  Yet while the illustrations are stunning throughout, I was also really impressed with the rich and detailed text.  It includes every facet of Saint Katharine's life.  Apparently they've done a number of other books, including the life of St. Christopher, the life of St. Dionysios, and a prayer book.  They all come in either English or Greek.   
And in honor of the Wednesday yarn along, here is my current knitting--a baby bootie.  Just a few more days until I'm a full 5 months along!


JNCL said...

Well, for heaven's sake! How did I miss the fact that you're Orthodox all this time?! So am I! I'm OCA. Many years on your name day!
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Plain and Joyful Living said...

Congratulations on your upcoming birth.

Lori ann said...

what a darling photo of you and your baby on the way. congratulations!