Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sugar Daddy Scrub

My sister Anna is notoriously difficult to shop for.  She has a birthday and nameday during late December, so all of us scramble to come up with three gift ideas.  She has one big addiction--Lush Cosmetics.  They make these luxurious bath bombs that I would love to attempt to knock off one day, but it seemed a little ambitious at this point.  (For those of you interested, try this recipe.)

I decided to start smaller and make a sugar scrub.  I found two different recipes ( this very simple one and this one, complete with clip art) from Martha Stewart, which gave me a good idea of the ingredients I'd need.  When it came to actually making it, I got a little creative and used what I had on hand.  Adding glitter was an impulsive choice.  It makes my sugar scrub more reminiscent of Lush products, which are often laced with unusual additions like pop rocks, biodegradable confetti, gold dust, and dried flowers.

You'll need:

a small glass container with a tight-fitting lid
enough brown sugar to fill the container
a small bottle (1 fl. oz) of scented bath oil (I used a travel-sized bottle of Burt's Bees body oil)
a few splashes of olive oil
loose body glitter (I used Wet n Wild)

Simply combine the sugar and some oil in a small bowl.  Cream them together, adding splashes of the oils until the mixture resembles wet sand at the edge of the ocean.  Add in a copious amount of glitter.  Scrape into small glass container.  Done!

Don't forget to wrap it fabulously.

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