Friday, February 24, 2012


My friend Joanna and I got together this afternoon and whipped up a huge batch of blini, or thin, buttery Russian pancakes.    
We lost count of how many we churned out, but our best guess was about forty, for a veritable herd of 12 seminarians.  We wound up having only a few blini left over.
 I was mainly in charge of prepping all of the fillings.  We had all of the savory staples:
sour cream, chopped hardboiled egg, scallions, melted butter, smoked salmon, and herring.
But we also did something a little untraditional, which Pete condemned as downright unorthodox.  We supplied all of the sweet options that I prefer--fruit fillings (raspberry, cherry, and homemade blueberry sauce), nutella, maple syrup, cottage cheese, cinnamon, and whipped cream.  

Our Muscovite friends assured me that in Russia, they put absolutely anything on blini, so I don't think we need to worry about excommunication just yet.

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