Thursday, February 16, 2012

When life gives you lemons...

I started this baby blanket back in early September, but worked on it so intermittently that that hardly counts.  The fact is that I did the bulk of the knitting in the last few weeks.  I dragged my feet for a number of reasons.  While I do love Kira, I have to admit to being more interested in creating for my own baby.  It's only natural, I suppose. 
I also struggled a good deal with the materials.  I didn't pick the yarn (Bernat Softee Baby-held doubled) or the colors.  Though many people prefer easy-care acrylic for baby items, I have found that superwash wool or even a wool-acrylic blend is much more satisfying to knit with and produces a more beautiful finished product that can still be easy to care for.  I tend to prefer more saturated colors, even for babies.  It was challenging to successfully combine the yellow and pink yarn Kira's mom chose because the two colors are so close in value.  I was doubtful about them, even as I knit with them, until my sister Anna said the yellow and pink reminded her of lemonade.  She made me feel a lot better about the combination.
By knitting this blanket, I've learned to consider carefully before I agree to knit for someone else.  In future, if I agree to do so, I will make sure to guide the recipient in yarn and color choice.  I am certain I could have helped Kira's mom find higher-quality yarn for about the same price.  If I'd been able to do so, I would have enjoyed the process so much more, while providing a more lasting product.
 When it comes down to it, though, as Pete remarked when he saw these photos,
This made it all worth it.

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Marfa said...

Pink and yellow lemonade...what a great way to look at that combination. I agree that superwash wool is the way to go!