Friday, February 13, 2015


Sadly, my wurm hat was too snug for me--more of a beanie than a beret--and  bit too roomy for Lucy.   That pattern sure is a yarn eater too.  I used up half a skein on just the brim and 3 purl ridges, when the full pattern is 10 ridges.  It wasn't worthwhile to me after all.  Lucy would grow into in eventually, but I'd rather not waste one of the three skeins of that colorway in my stash on a hat.
Instead, I'll cast on for this cardigan for Lucy eventually.  But Lucy has been begging me to make her a yellow sweater nearly every day.  I already have the yarn--it's Malabrigo Rios in sunset--a rich beeswax shade that positively glows.  I also grabbed a couple of skeins of tosh vintage in mare and paper.  I'm envisioning a pullover with little sheep around the yoke.  Can't wait to swatch it up.  I might make a little hat for Sebastian to practice the colorwork.  I've been researching how to trap the floats longer than 5 stitches and finally found a great tutorial.  Here's to tackling tricky knitting and not looking back!

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elizabeth said...

all the best! Yellow is a lovely colour and I loved it a lot when I was a girl! :)