Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Yarn Along: raspberries

I've got Lucy's new raspberry sweater on the needles after all.  Up until yesterday, I was sailing through the lace and feeling like the boss of my knitting.  Working from the chart, reading my stitches like a champ--even memorizing the repeats. Alas!  Pride goeth before a frog. I misplaced a buttonhole and thought I could drop down and fix it instead of tinking back. After spending the entire afternoon trying to repair the unraveled edge, I decided to quit while I was behind and just go back a few rows. This morning I'm still making up the difference.  Still, it is going to be a charming sweater.

I'm ready to delve into Middlemarch, but was hoping to find a good audiobook rendition. After sampling them on iTunes, I fell in love with two of the narrators--for the abridged versions. I'll give the Audible gal another listen.  I'm sure she'll be fine. It's exciting to start this giant classic. I told Pete the other day that I just want to read my new favorite book. Any recommendations?


Jayne Marti said...

Love the raspberry colour - that yarn is gorgeous. Middlemarch is great. I get so many recommendations every week just from Yarn Along. I keep a running list of books to look for and I don't think I will ever catch up!

elizabeth said...

lovely colour and pattern! so sorry about the frog (you are so funny, pride goes before...) :) .... I am most positive that you will make a BEAUTIFUL sweater for a most beautiful girl!

Oh, I do hope you find a good narrator. Have you ever listened to the Princess Academy and it's sequel? I was admittedly quite surprised at how good these are and the audible narration of it is like listening to a radio drama really, as each character has it's own narrator. The first one is great bu the second one, which you *really* need to listen to the first one to understand all it's pulling off is just splendid. I had given up on there being YA lit that was new and still in a 'classic' category but this one really encouraged my 'literary despair' of 'those writers today' :) Have a wonderful day! hope it is sunny like it is here! :)

Donna said...

Sometimes it's better just to rip back than to try to fix the mistake. Unfortunately I tend to not figure that out until after I have put a ton of time into the project! Hope the rest is smooth sailing.

Anonymous said...

Narrators can make or break a book, can't they? I'm sooo picky about who's reading to me!