Saturday, March 12, 2011

veganyumyum breakfast

We just debuted our brand new waffle iron this weekend, which was a gift from one of Pete's groomsmen and his wife.
As always, veganyumyum's dairy-free waffle recipe brightened up Great Lent for us. Lauren Ulm wrote a cookbook by the same name, which is definitely worth it, and this recipe can be found both in there and in her now-defunct blog for free!
The secret ingredient is soy yogurt. We opt for vanilla and omit the frozen
blueberries, as they wreak havoc on the iron. I was so astonished that our grocery store happened to carry the yogurt and couldn't wait to make these. It's an elusive ingredient even in NJ.
They also had Earth Balance margarine, which is absolutely lenten and as healthy as margarine can be. Lauren Ulm sings its praises in nearly every post.
Pete concocted one of our favorites--1/2 cran-apple & 1/2 orange juice. It originated in a Denny's and is the brainchild of one of Pete's best friends. We have yet to come up with a snappy name for this delicious beverage. Thoughts?

If you're in need of a lenten pick-me-up, try these waffles. I very nearly confessed breaking the fast after enjoying them.


Mat. Emily said...


annie said...

how about "Crange" juice or just crangy for short?

Mat. Emily said...

We have a drink that we refer to as Wedding Punch since we served it at our wedding and drank it almost exclusively for months afterward. Maybe yours could be called Honeymoon Cocktail or something similar:)

bopyoke said...

Waffles! My favorite! I could eat them every single day.