Saturday, January 31, 2015


Though I purged my books mercilessly a few months ago, I had another look the other day. I was able to part with about a third of what remained. Now I have around 80 books left.  There were a couple that survived to round two merely because they bore an inscription. This time, I decided to document the writing and say goodbye to any volumes that I didn't absolutely need to keep. 
I wrote the above inside a book of short stories by Roald Dahl, which Pete and I both felt comfortable discarding.  I should add that I did not sort his books--only those I considered my own. If I came across something we shared, I consulted him before tossing it.  He has been a good sport throughout this process and often has added an item or two to my donation pile.
This book, which I never read, was incredibly precious to me because of what he wrote inside.  I hope someone will find it and finally read it, as it deserves. And I hope they won't mind our little scribbles on the inside covers.  


Michaela said...

So smart! I am so impressed with you. And you two are the best.

elizabeth said...

well, I have gotten rid of various books (even fully 100 book sets) in my day. But only having 80 books left, now that I cannot imagine!!! :)))) Mr. Husband said, when I told him of your 80 books left, said 'Our Ortho. section is way beyond that alone'! Today he commented, well, we are possessors, not non-possessors and then told me a bit of Russian history about that. Quite interesting.

Well, it seems you are on your way to a very succinct Clean Monday in Lent with all those purges!!! :)

Juliana Cooley said...

I love you both so so so much. Those inscriptions almost made me bawl.