Friday, January 30, 2015


I boxed up lots of shoes.  Many were a half-size too small, which I rescued from my sister's cast off pile but never really wore.  There was a pair of generous flats I wore at the tail end of my pregnancy with Lucy, which never fit properly again.  And heels, such gorgeous heels, that were mouldering away in the closet of a 5'10" mother of two.  I love it when tall girls wear heels--and I want to be able to pull it off!  But I just wind up loping around awkwardly, or barreling around at a 90° angle, so I can snatch up a naughty child more readily.  Right now, I value practicality and comfort, with style as a bit of an afterthought.  Observe:
black galoshes
casual knee-length brown leather boots
brown shearling boots 
(soon to be replaced with proper winter boots that don't go all soggy at the first sign of slush)

tobacco birkenstock sandals
tan closed-toe dressy sandals
red rubber flip flops for the beach

black croc flats suitable for dew-soaked playgrounds
tan flats

tan shearling-lined loafer slippers

What do you think?  Am I missing anything obvious?  Is there anything superfluous here?


elizabeth said...

sounds useful and practical to me!!! :) good list; feet need good care :)

Anonymous said...

That's quite a pared down list. What about walking/running type shoes? Do you wear those?

willfulmina said...

Ah, yes! But my only pair was not worth keeping. I definitely intend to replace them! Thanks for the reminder.