Sunday, January 25, 2015

craft closet

The other day I went into the walk-in closet where I keep most of my craft supplies and began sorting through things, only to realize that I had bitten off more than I could chew.  The kids were melting, I was beginning to crash after a long day, and I couldn't think clearly enough to make the tough decisions.  I put nearly everything back and resolved to try again later.  I will just stick to the order laid out in the book from now on.  First clothing, then books, and so on, leaving craft supplies for last, as they carry so much importance.  They're more similar to mementos, at least for me.
I was able to purge lots of odd balls of yarn, random needles, and stitch markers that are no longer to my liking, which I plan to pass on to a little girl at church who is already an accomplished knitter.
Then I set aside nearly all of my lace weight yarn for my friend Nina. She is a genius at Tunisian crochet, which has the look of knitting, but is slightly bulkier, so fine yarn is a real must. She came to visit the other afternoon and brought along this amazing shawlette she had just completed out of stunning green mohair. It positively danced before my eyes.
She has this uncanny knack for finding exactly the pattern that will make a given yarn really shine.  I remember this particular lace weight alpaca in various shades of purple that I found at a farmer's market years ago.  It used to puzzle me.  I knew there was a risk of horrible pooling, which intimidated me.  I finally decided to let Nina have a go at it.  She came up with this very open crochet pattern that was just the right fit.  Rather than causing the colors to pool, the pattern made each shade of purple look like facets of an amethyst.  (How's that for purple prose?)
With this in mind, I brought out my delicious lace weights. As beautiful as they were, I had no desire to work with them.  Perhaps someday it would click, but it didn't seem fair that the yarn would have to wait around until then, wilting on the shelf.  It felt like such a waste.  So to Nina they will go!
Farewell, all you fine yarn.  I can't wait to see what you become!


MamaBirdEmma said...

I spent nearly the whole of last year on lace weight yarn... while I love it, it was not very productive in the finished objects dept.

elizabeth said...

wow, I am amazed at your purges! but surely Nina is a very worthy recipient!