Thursday, January 29, 2015

Clothing for special occasions

 Getting rid of my wedding dress wasn't hard for me.  In fact, I did it a few months ago.  I have decided to keep the shrug I knit though.  I have only worn it once since our wedding, on a particularly icy Pascha, but had to remove it because the church was so crowded and overheated.  It is surprisingly toasty and the angora sheds all over everyone.  But it still makes me tremendously happy.
 I ran my red suede shoes completely into the ground, but have been hanging onto them anyway.  It was easy to say goodbye finally because I got so much out of them.  Tomorrow I'll talk more about the rest of the shoes I have culled.


Anonymous said...

I love the wedding picture of you two! What a beautiful day!
Love, Bridget

willfulmina said...

Thanks, Bridget! I fondly remember your wedding day too--and your blue shoes!